How To Become A True Coffee Taster

March 10, 2020

If coffee is your passion, you like to try new varieties and techniques and enjoy the different nuances of coffee flavor; you probably have the soul of a coffee taster.

Whether you have considered signing up for a coffee course or want to start tasting coffee on your own, here we tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

What does a coffee taster do?

The profession of coffee tasters quite unknown, especially if we compare it with other tasters such as wine tasters. Despite its low popularity, the truth is that coffee experts are essential for coffee producers and manufacturers.

Being a coffee taster goes beyond going to a coffee tasting; it is responsible for ensuring the quality of coffee at various stages of coffee production. His figure is important in the quality control of brands to ensure homogeneity of flavor and aroma.

Do not confuse a coffee taster with a barista. The latter is a specialist in the preparation of coffee infusion but does not have to have extensive knowledge of the chemical composition or aroma of the coffee bean. This is the taster’s specialty.

Coffee is one of the most aromatically complex foods that exist, so training with coffee tasting courses essential to achieve the necessary skills.

Different types of tasting

How to taste coffee? There are two different tasting modalities depending on the moment and objective of the practice.

Brazilian Tasting

It is used to evaluate the coffee bean in depth. That is why it is not made with a finished infusion but rather that freshly ground roasted coffee is mixed with boiling water. It is allowed to infuse three minutes, and it is tasted in small sips.

With this type of tasting, which is the most widely used, all the nuances, flavors and aromas of roasted coffee beans are captured.

Express Coffee Tasting

As its name suggests, this type of tasting is done with a cup of freshly brewed espresso. In this type of tasting the cream is also analyzed, and the factors related to the coffee machine that is involved in the drink will be taken into account.

How To Taste Coffee

If you want to get started in this trade, it is best to find a good coffee cupping course in your area. You can find them in hotel and gastronomy training centers, as well as a barista or coffee-related organizations.

If you prefer to start slowly and discover for yourself the nuances and flavors of coffee, take note of these tips.

  • Get a wheel of coffee flavors. It is a wheel-shaped graphic that includes all the nuances of flavor and aroma that coffee can have. This wheel has a standardized lexicon that is what all tasters use to describe coffee.
  • On the internet, you will find different models of flavored wheels try and decide which one best suits you.
  • Train the palate. To do this, look for samples of all the flavors that appear described on the wheel. Try them and focus on the sensations, which parts of the tongue and palate are activated and memorize them.
  • Ask in shops and cafes in your area if they have an open coffee tasting or tasting.Sign up and start sharing your passion with other fans.
  • Try many different coffees andwrite down in a notebook all its characteristics and the gustatory, aromatic and textured sensations that they produce. It is very important to keep a comprehensive record of all the coffees you try. This aspect is very important in the process of how to learn to taste coffee.

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