5 Tips On Social Networks For Coffee Professionals

March 17, 2020

A new coffee shop opens in each corner. This is excellent news for consumers, but for coffee shop owners, learning how to stand out in this saturated market is essential. A good start would be making sure you have as many followers on Instagram as possible. Not only do you need to follow the trends, but keep yourself updated.

And what is the key to this? Social networks. In today’s world, you simply cannot afford not to have a social media strategy.

Don’t be afraid if it’s you: we’ve put together a list of five social media tips every coffee shop should know:

  1. Be Consistent

Many coffee shops have one or two social media accounts, but they lack consistency. The content must be published constantly; otherwise, your profiles will stagnate. Followers will get bored and, well, they will stop following you. But it is not surprising that being consistent is difficult, as there are many social media platforms. On this subject, even if you become unproductive when updating your social networks, it does not mean that you should give up. There will always be a solution, especially when it comes to social media. It is understandable that you think that publishing from each of your accounts can seem overwhelming.

  1. Be Relevant

Have you ever seen brands like Nike post toothpaste photos or Toyota write blog posts about how to make the perfect cake?

No, because this is not associated with the brand image. So why would you post about your new baristas’ sneakers or people who park their vehicle incorrectly? Your audience is not interested in any of this.

  1. Stay Updated

As the specialty coffee industry grows, your store should too. You must stay on top of trends. Too many coffee shops have the hipster mentality of “if it’s not a specialty, we don’t care.” But this does not make sense.

  1. Be Specific

Have you ever seen a photo on Instagram and have been wondering what exactly it means? This is the result of not being specific in the posts. If you post a photo of your barista’s latte skills, explain it. Do it as if you were interacting with someone who has never heard of your store. Don’t assume that people know this is your barista.

  1. Be Original

The internet is full of images, videos and everything you can imagine, so the only way to stand out is to be original. Your content should serve to interact with your audience and at the same time, be interesting enough to stand out in the great abyss of the network.

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