4 Tips You Must Follow To Make A Perfect Coffee

March 24, 2020

We consume coffee every morning and even more times during the rest of the day. The stimulating capacity is not the only virtue of this drink, but it is the reason why we usually drink it. Having gone so far into our routine, we have made coffee a much consumed product, but not enjoyed. We get up early, with hardly any time, which forces us to have a quick and running breakfast or, directly, to do it at work taking that liquid that comes out of the vending machine and that defining it as coffee would be very generous.

Enjoying a good coffee, its flavor and aroma is one of those little luxuries that are within everyone’s reach, and that will help to have those moments of personal enjoyment and disconnect from the tedium of daily routine.

As it is never a bad time to enter the culture of good coffee, we propose a decalogue that will be very useful.

  1. Buy freshly roasted beans

Bottled coffee has a great flavor and aroma … until you get used to freshly roast over time the qualities of the coffee bean decrease. The advice that Eating Well magazine proposes is to buy it in a specialized store or even buy it fresh and toast it at home and beware of supermarkets, and bulk sales, oxygen and excess light are the worst enemies for coffee.

  1. Buy a good coffee

Which doesn’t mean you spend a lot of money on coffee. Taste is something very personal, and there are dozens of varieties in the grain. The mountain blue is one of the most expensive, luxurious and valued, but does not have to like everyone.

More toasted, earthy, chemical … The best solution is to try the one that most closely resembles our taste or, even, mixes to achieve a flavor that is unique and special to us.

  1. Keep it in optimal condition

To enjoy a grain in perfect condition, there are two options: buy continuously or be careful in its conservation. Once you are used to it, the second option will be much more comfortable and cheaper.

For good conservation, it is advisable to follow the following tips:

  • Keep it at a cool temperature and away from any heat source.
  • Close the container thoroughly (transparent film can be used for greater security).
  • Grind only the coffee to be consumed.
  1. Grind it yourself

Like any other natural product, industrialization makes it easier for us to introduce it into our daily life, but it also worsens its quality and virtues. Industrial grinding is the enemy of the taste and aroma of coffee. In addition, the passage of time also negatively affects these properties.

Buying large cans of ground coffee does not seem like a good deal if you want to enjoy a good cup. To grind the coffee ourselves, we only need a manual grinder. If you are lazier, you can spend a little more money and buy an electric grinder.

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