4 Benefits Of Coffee To Study And Recommendations For Daily Consumption

April 8, 2020

Among all these milestones, today we stop to talk about the benefits of having coffee to study. Perhaps right now you are immersed in a mountain of notes and manuals processing data and information without stopping, with the aim of passing some academic test, an opposition or access to an improvement in your professional progression.

# 1 – Drinking Coffee Allows Better Processing of Information

Experiments have served to certify that drinking a cup of coffee while studying stimulates the mind. In addition, the caffeine contained in this drink enhances the brain’s ability to detect grammatical errors when making a quick reading of a page.

Beyond these benefits of coffee for students, its highly stimulating power favours the activity of the central nervous system, optimizing the human capacity to process language.

# 2 – Drinking Coffee at Night to Study Enhances Attention Span

The effect of caffeine in a cup of coffee helps the brain activate its “dynamism, agility and performance”  and it allows the cognitive deterioration of the brain to be reduced, which occurs as a consequence of age and daily stress.

Moderate consumption of caffeine, an aspect that we will delve into in the last part of this article, will help the student to have more capacity to maintain attention on the information, thanks to the stimulating power of drinking a cup of coffee.

# 3 – Coffee is Good to Study because it Increases Memory

In a study by Johns Hopkins University published by the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience, it is stated that 200 milligrams of caffeine a day is taken after studying or doing a job of some difficulty, helps to remember it better, thus reducing forgetfulness. Until now, the advantages of coffee have been discussed to study because caffeine worked by enhancing the cognitive activity of the brain. However, this study goes further by delving into the ideal time to drink coffee for its ability to strengthen memory.

# 4 – Coffee Helps Stay Awake Longer

In exam time we always try to steal some more time from the clock in order to prepare as well as possible those subjects that we will soon be examining. It is precisely the exciting effect of coffee that helps us to stay more attentive to what is happening around us, keeping our eyes open for longer. Caffeine works by neutralizing adenosine, the molecule that collaborates in the processes that cause sleep. What happens when drinking coffee to study? The caffeine consumed throughout the day stimulates our brain and blocks the action of adenosine, making us more awake. Hence, both students and professionals who work at night consume coffee to increase their attention span. But beware! Excessive consumption of coffee in our day to day can lead to problems to rest at night or to insomnia. So keep an eye on the cups of coffee you drink throughout the day.

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